About the System


This system focuses on how to most effectively become happier following specific principles.
Happiness being generally defined as the sum total of unpleasant experiences (-) and pleasant experiences (+). Click for elaboration.
Positive Progression over the long-term with natural ups&downs


I continue to learn & understand more and more of how to most effectively become happy. Hence, this system evolves.


This synthesizes into interdependent skill-sets:

  • Sensory Clarity
    • Skill to notice & learn from the present experience
  • Equanimity
    • Skill to be with the present experience without pushing (aversion) or pulling (attraction)
  • Conditioning
    • Skill to change one's automatic responses


The skills provided require the following principles:

1) Independence

Skills that allow to maximize one's well-being Independent of external circumstances.

2) Universal

Skills that can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, anytime & for anything

3) Lasting Change

Skills that improve your default happiness i.e., being better off, even while not practicing