Foundations Course

This training in Clarity, Non-Interference and Conditioning, provides a sound foundation from which you will be able to take an active & constructive role in your development towards happiness.
With patience (quantity time + quality effort) you will naturally notice:
  • Negative reactivity & emotions become less intense and stay for less time
  • When we experience pain or difficulties in life, we are less disturbed as we know how to healthily be with them. We know the best next steps.
  • You become independent, your own teacher. As you will be able to notice, understand & influence why you are happy and why you are unhappy.
Every single moment of our life, becomes an opportunity to support your life towards happiness, away from suffering.
Clarity - Break free from negative thoughts
Non-Interference - Knowing how to accept pain in one's life
  • Technique: Softening
Conditioning - Taking charge in shaping who you become

For whom?

  • Individuals, groups or organizations
  • Anyone desiring to start or improve their skills in clarity, non-interference & conditioning


  • One-off seminar or 4x90min online sessions
  • Lecture, Guided Practice, Q&R

Instructor Luis

Registration & Costs

Benefits - What can you do after this training?


Break free from negative thoughts
  • Improved ability to become present & recognize what is happening within you
    • Providing you with freedom to stop giving fuel to negative reactivity and to give fuel towards positive responses.
      • e.g., Recognizing one is having negative self-talk such as worry about the future, being harsh on one-self and stopping to support that habit, allowing for positive responses take its place
Enjoy greater intimacy with yourself
  • Improved ability to understand yourself on a psychological and even deeper levels
    • Getting to know your own tendencies
      • e.g., when you feel safe or afraid, what makes you angry or feeling connected
    • Understanding the why behind your mechanisms of defense and of safety
      • e.g., noticing the subtle but significant reasons behind our anger, fear or safety, connection
Knowing how to accept pain in one's life
  • Understanding of & improved ability to better cope with whatever pain life brings you, as we know, it does so continuously
    • e.g., going through periods of worry, pessimism or despair and knowing the right tools to best cope with it, such as noting, relaxing and counter-condition
Taking charge in shaping who you become
  • Understanding of & improved ability to better influence who 'you' become. Your reactions, responses, thoughts.
Becoming a friend with yourself
  • Improved ability to become a kind friend with yourself, and respond with kindness rather than anger to everyone else
    • e.g., I used to be routinely criticizing myself harshly, being afraid of mistakes and unable to fully enjoy exploration. Thanks to the practice, I know have become my own best friend, welcoming mistakes.
Course Curriculum - What?


  • Technique: 6 Sense Noting
    • Becoming present & acknowledging the present moment in all 6 sense categories
    • First we recognize the present experience, label it, investigate it further, release after a while, and repeat


  • Technique: Softening
    • Releasing effort behind our resistance to the current moment
    • While exhaling, one releases the effort underlying the tension in the body and the tension in the mind


  • Technique: Loving-Kindness
    • Training our mind to relate with kindness, rather than unkind, angry
    • Wishing well for one-self and optionally for others
    • This practice method can be used for any trait you would like to cultivate e.g., gratitude, joy, forgiveness, etc.

Discussion - Question & Answers

  • Allocated time for any questions
For whom? Are you suitable to this training?
Those interested in understanding & actually practicing in a systematic way towards sustainable happiness.

Level of Experience

  • Totally new & Beginners
  • Intermediate
    • Check out the practice & see if you could benefit from it

Type of Groups

  • individuals, groups, organizations


  • One-off seminar
    • duration subject to agreement
    • online per zoom
  • 4 x 90 minute sessions
    • over 4 weeks
    • online per zoom

Session Outline

  • Lecture
  • Practice via Guided Meditation
  • Q&A
  • Home Assignment
    • assignments for daily life
    • listen to meditation
Meet your Instructor Luis
Luis's interest lies in finding methods that are effective while easy to do for those in daily life. And sharing his knowledge in a way that is actually understood by everyone.
He accumulated 1 year in silent retreats, 6000 hours of formal practice in various meditation methods, and continuous to improve his understanding and practice of how to become effectively happy.
Registration & Costs